QafqaZ Hotels & Resort's, headquartered is in Baku,  has 13 four and five star hotels and resorts in Azerbaijan with more than 1400 guest rooms, in the cities of Baku, Gabala and Lankaran, and more hotel products are under development. The group employs over 1000 dedicated employees. The hotel group website can be found at the following address: qafqazhotels.com. The Azerbaijani hospitality industry has deep roots in ancient culture and history with a strong focus on local products, warm hospitality, as well as a proud, dynamic and hardworking culture amongst Azerbaijanis. The Azerbaijani family values are a significant factor to how the Azerbaijani hospitality plays out today and this rich hospitality is enjoyed by guest and travelers from all over the world. The hotel products are: City Hotels, Boutique Hotels and Resort Hotels. Today QafqaZ Hotels & Resorts is a dynamic and progressive hospitality group embracing all aspects of modern hospitality and services, enriching guests and travelers who like to spoil themselves with a unique visit to the land of fire and the Azerbaijani Hospitality with Genuine Care & Authenticity.